Is There Anything Effective at Reducing a Tummy Tuck Scar?

I have had surgical scar revision done but still ended up with a pigmented widened scar. It has been two years and I would like the scar to match my skin tone and look more even. I am aware it wont go completely

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Wide scars after tummy tuck or cosmetic surgery

There are four types of scars after any surgery. 

The most desirable is a very thin, barely noticeable scar. 

The second is a raised, thick, ropey scar which can be due to genetics or poor wound closure or an inflammatory event which happened during the wound healing (infection in the area of the scar).

The third is a thick, raised scar which grows OUTSIDE the boundary of the scar.  This is called a keloid.  You may have seen cauliflower like scars in the ear lobe or on somebody's chest bone.  This is genetic and is usually seen in the ear lobe or areas of excess skin tension, such as the chest bone area and the shoulder.

A WIDE scar usually indicates too much tension was present while the scar was healing.  This is either due to too much tension on the wound due to aggressive skin removal OR the wound was not properly closed resulting in widening.  A wide scar can be revised and re closed and is worth a try.

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