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With mouth shut, my lower teeth and frenum are not centered with the uppers. With mouth slightly open, I can line up the frena with malocclusion on some teeth. I have tooth #4 missing, and have been told that to close the space, rather than moving the molars forward, my upper front teeth will need to be shifted backwards into that space. It seems if that happens, when I close my mouth, my teeth will line up correctly, but not my frenums. MY main concern is lining up the frena.

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Frenums do not match up

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Your upper teeth have shifted to your right, when the premolar was removed, hence your upper centre line is shifted to the right; and the lower is fine.
To correct this, even though you have mild crowding, would be to make space upper left with stripping or an extraction and use fixed braces to shift all the RHS teeth to the left.

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