How Effective is Mesotherapy for Eyebags?

I'm 25 and my eyebags are progressively getting worse. I am concerned about how they'll look when I'm older. Considering my age, I'm extremely tentative about doing anything to my face, but I do really hate the bags.

Here in UK, there has been much about Mesotherapy since it arrived. The PS I have been in contact with is well respected and I've read magazine articles on this procedure as done by her.

There doesn't appear to have been any problems and she has confirmed that apart from a little bruising none of her patients have had issues. Would you recommend that I get the procedure done?

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Ask for some patient referrals for Mesotheraphy for eyebags

Bag lady,

I have a fair amount of experience with mesotherapy of the body and extremities, but have not ventured into the eyelids. There are practitioners that have and show significant improvement. My experience with the procedure has taught me that some patients respond very well to the injections, some not at all and many respond with a moderate result. Be prepared for significant swelling around your eyes if you have it done. Good luck!

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