What Would Be Effective in my Puffy Breasts? (photo)

I am a man of 30 years and would like to be helped. I have these puffy breasts since my childhood and feel that they are growing over the years. I hate these girl boobs and I can not be entirely happy with them. I ask for help please.

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What Would Be Effective in my Puffy Breasts?

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I recommend Smart Lipo, VASER lipo for the gynecomastia and areolar reduction surgery in combination. 

Gynecomastia surgery should solve your problem.

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You have severe Gynecomastia ,and for best results it should be done by an experienced surgeon.You will need glandular excision and liposuction.



About Puffy Nipple Areola Complex

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"Puffy Nipple Areola Complex" is among the most common forms of gynecomastia. This gland and/or adipose tissue accumulation can be located under the areola or can be slightly extended outside the areola, causing the areola to appear dome shaped.This form of #Gynecomastia can be found in all age groups but is more common in young adults.
As each case is different, it is vital that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in male breast surgery. The surgeon should determine if you are a suitable candidate for male breast reduction by liposuction or glandular excision. It is also crucial to have a plastic surgeon who is well-versed in the gynecomastia condition can determine if there is firm breast tissue beneath the areola that is causing the nipples to project (which is often the case), and if so, how much of this glandular tissue can be removed to create a flat appearance.
#PuffyNipple surgery generally takes only an hour or two, and the recovery time is short; sometimes less than a week. There is minimal scarring and the success rate is excellent. Therefore, patients who suffer from "Puffy Nipples", and who view it as an unaesthetic and unpleasant condition, may desire surgical intervention to correct the "puffy nipple" condition.
Men who suffer from large #areolas may notice that after breast surgery, the skin of the chest muscles will tighten, causing the areolas to tighten and diminish in size. This is a result of the removal of glandular and/or adipose tissue. The most important decision to be made before performing any surgical procedure is determining whether you are an ideal #candidate.

Male breast

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The term for enlarged male breasts is gynecomastia.This often occurs during puberty, but usually subsides within a few years. Occasionally it persists and surgery intervention is necessary. Another cause of gynecomastia is anabolic hormones used frequesntly by body builders, or in males who are just over-weight.

The treatment must be individualized, but usually for true gynecomastia, there is breast tissue which most often cannot be liposuctioned. The breast tissue core just behind the nipple must be cut out. This is done through an incision just where the areolar attaches to the skin. The color change hides the scar in most cases. Frequently liposuction is used around the area to make the skin smooth and level.

The most comon problem I have seen through the years is where too much breast tissue has been removed and the area actually sinks in. A PS with experience will not creat this problem.

Rarely, with very obese patients, an actual uplift (mastopexy) is needed, but this is rare.

Gynecomastia is a very common problem with some men and an embarrassment for them all. I have seen hundreds of men in T-shirts with gynemastia and wondered why they didn't seek a consultation from their plastic surgeon. The treatment is very gratifying. Surgery for gynecomastia can be done under local anesthesia and the recovery time is just a few days.

Puffy breasts treatment

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Thank you for the question and the photos. There are different was to deal wit male breast based on the amount of excess fat, skin elasticity and size of the areola. In cases like yours it is best if  you start with liposuction. Remove the excess fat and leave the skin to retract. most likely you will not need another surgery because most of the skin will retract. after six months if there is skin laxity or the areola is too wide; you can have the excess skin removed and the areola reduced. 
You need to start with a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon


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Thank you for your pictures without an exam it’s hard to give adequate advice. From the picture you can have Vaser liposuction or Gynecomastia. That would be the best advice we can give you.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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