How Effective is the Affirm Fractionated Co2 Laser and Do You Think I Would See Some Improvement?

I am 56 yrs young and in need of some facial and neck overhauling, I'd like to wait until I'm to have an invasive proceedure done..I started menopause four yrs ago and have seen alot of aging in my face since then, I have also lost some weight, what concerns me is having the facelift fall because my body is going through so many hormonal changes,in the meantime I think I will save my money for a real lift and perhaps have some resurfacing and fillers,do you think that will hold me over til then

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Postponing facelift surgery by using co2 laser

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First of all, facelifts are never a must do thing. On the other hand you are ready right now and are only deferring the inevitable if you want to freshen your look. I find co2 laser as done today, a very succesful procedure. Skin tightening will occur but, not to the degree that you want and need. Fillers always help but only help. in a perfect world I would do your facelift first and use the other procedures as needed and wanted. Why delay your happiness.

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