What Effect Does Trace Amounts of Botox in the Blood Have on the Heart?

Since trace amounts of botox become systemic (explaining the 'flu like symptoms' aka botulism most people experience after cosmetic botox injections) what effect does botox have on the heart as it passes through it via the bloodstream?

*1 unit of Botox is the lethal dose for a mouse. The average person receives 60-100 units per cosmetic treatment.

**Though botox has given me great results I have suffered odd health issues following injections. I am 27, in great shape due to my diet and fitness, and have only ever had significant health issues (mild botulism) post botox injections.

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Botulinum toxin and systemic distribution

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I am not certain where you have gotten these facts but there is little evidence to suggest that any significant portion of the injected Botox becomes systemically disseminated unless injected directly into the blood stream. There was one study that suggested retrograde axonal transport to the CNS but not systemic distribution via the circulatory system.

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