Effect on High Cheekbones Using Submalar Cheek Implant

Is it possible to use a submalar cheek implant in a way that I will not loose my high cheekbones? I want more fullness below my very prominent cheekbones but don't want chipmunk cheeks, is it possible with the sizing and placement position to keep my high cheekbones swell as adding fullness below them?

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Convert Cheek Bones into Final Shape with Malar/SubMalar Combo

The answer is perhaps.  If you are a man, high, narrow shaped cheek implants will make your face angular which aesthetically is ruggedly handsome.  If, on the other hand, you are a woman, then the aesthetically ideal shape for your cheeks is full and round.  The best way to convert the cheek bone into the desired final shape, is a malar/submalar combination cheek implant.  IMHO, using a submalar implant allows demarcation between the cheek bone and the lower placed submalar implant which does not give the proper aesthetic result.

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Submalar cheek implants for high cheekbones

Submalar implant are used to create fullness below the malar bone. By inserting submalar implants, the overall effect is to balance out the lower cheeks with preexisting high cheekbones.  

William Portuese, MD
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Submalar is below the cheekbone prominence

The submalar implant is by definition an implant  that augments the area below the malar prominence. It would make the whole cheek look fuller but would not  project the most projecting point of your cheek

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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Effect on High Cheekbones Using Submalar Cheek Implant

Yes, you may attain greater volume below the cheekbone without affecting the height of the cheekbone. Also, a smaller implant may be best to prevent the chipmunk look.

Anand D. Patel, MD
Brookfield Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Submalar Implants Will Affect The Overall Cheek Look

By definition, a submalar implant sits on the underside of the cheekbone not on top or in front of it. Its purpose is to provide fullness to the buccal area also known as the submalar triangle. You should not lose high cheekbone definition unless the implant is inadvertently positioned too high, an intraoperative positioning issue. Adding fullness to the bottom of the cheekbone (which is where the submalar implant must sit), however, can create the illusion of slightly less well-defined cheekbones by providing overall fullness to the entire area. Therefore your reason for a submalar implant should be compelling. Submalar implants are one of the most highly revised facial implants due to positioning issues and the effect that they create is frequently now well understood by the patient before the surgery.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Submalar Cheek Implants work for specific cosmetic concerns

Depending on the cause of your submalar lack of volume, the ideal treatment varies. For young people who have very prominent cheek bones but very low submalar volume, the submalar cheek implant may be extremely useful. As we age, we also lose volume in the submalar area with sagging of our skin and tissues. This is also a condition that may benefit from submalar implants as well as rejuvenating surgeries (midface lift, eyelid surgery). How these implants may affect your face (e.g., making your face more "puffy,") really depends on the exact contours of your face and the cause(s) of your cosmetic concern.

The best way to know if submalar cheek implants are right for you is to see a facial plastic surgeon who can examine the contours of your face and provide you with your aesthetic options. These may include injectable fillers, permanent implants, and fat transfer. I hope this helps - best wishes!

Jen Yuan Chow, MD
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Effect of Submalar Cheek Implants

Submalar cheek implants were designed to help people like you - those who have have good malar projection and contour, but need augmentation of the submalar area. This implant will enhance your prominent cheek bones.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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