Effect of Bullhorn Lip Lift on Muscle Control?

I use the muscle right below my nose (orbicularis oris, I believe) to pull the flesh/cartilage part of my nose in and make it look narrower/more defined. I have a relatively large space between my nose and mouth. My teeth don't show when I part my lips; but shortening the gap isn't worth it if it'll affect the muscles around the nose. The doctor I'd like to go to doesn't remove muscle when performing a lip lift, but I'm still unsure. How [un]likely are complications?

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Lip shortening

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In lip shortening procedures the muscle should not be toutched.Once all the swelling and healing occure, then the muscle function should come back. That is true if the scar does not affect that part of the muscle youare describing. NO GUARANTEES

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Lip Lift effect on muscular function

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In answer to your question, I am in complete agreement with the excellent response of Dr. Samir Shureih of Baltimore, and have nothing to add.

Steve Laverson, MD
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