Will my Breast Implants Drop? (photo)

I had a breast lift with implants Silicone 435cc under the muscle 5 weeks ago. One of them hasn't drop yet.... Do you think it will drop? I can only start massaging at 6 weeks and also on the same side around my nipple I have an incision that has not closed yet. What would you recommend to help it drop?

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Your implants should drop more in the next few weeks to a month.

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It is too early to expect that your implants would drop into their final position by now. However I concur with other surgeons that you should see your plastic surgeon to make certain that you do not have a seroma or other problem with a higher breast.

Had a lift with augmentation 5 weeks ago, will my implants drop?

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My main concern is that your right implant looks significantly high in the first photo, possible seroma and beginning of contracture, and in the second photo they look red, possible infection?  Your open incision also concerns me.  It's difficult to say exactly without a physical exam, so I suggest you see your plastic surgeon to check on these issues and then also discuss your concern about your implant dropping.  ac 

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants Dropping?

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You should see you Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible regarding the open incision.  You are still in the healing phase, but you need to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon to discuss these concerns.  Best wishes!

Too early for the final result

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Your concern are valid and you should discuss these with your surgeon. The pictures show high riding implant over the right side and I do not think that will improve with message or compression,but would not hurt to try them. The best thing would be to continue to see your surgeon and give him/her opportunity to do the revision if needed. Revision post implant/lift is very common. 

Breast Implant Dropping?

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I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you have after breast surgery. Unfortunately, online consultants will not be able to predict, with any accuracy, whether the higher breast implant will settle.

 Generally speaking, it is not uncommon for breast implants to “settle” at different rates;  as you likely know, it may take a few months for the implants to  take their final positions.  Occasionally, revisionary breast may become necessary to lower the higher implant  and improve symmetry.

Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to more specific advice and/or predictions.  He is also in the best position to rule out (and treat) complications that may lead to significant breast asymmetry after breast surgery.

Best wishes.

Will implants drop?

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Firstly, both photos look remarkably different.  The first photo seems to demonstrate a significant size discrepancy along with a high riding implant.  My first concern would be a fluid collection (hematoma, seroma), then possibly an early capsule.  Really difficult to assess this on line so my recommendation would be to see your plastic surgeon and for an evaluation as this does not appear to be in keeping with normal healing. 

Significant volume difference after breast augmentation might be indicative of hematoma.

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The photograph demonstrates in my opinion fairly significant difference in volume of the breasts. An ultrasound of the right breast might discover a hematoma which should be evacuated.

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