Can I do tca cross right after fraxel laser? Same day?

I did a tca cross at home 4 weeks ago and loved it. Today I'm going to do fraxel I have my appointment. I don't want to ask my doctor because I'm scared of his reaction if I tell him I did tca by myself. I was wondering if I could do tca cross when I'm back home.

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No. Not recommended for TCA CROSS after FRAXEL

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Congratulations on your results with your TCA CROSS. Specialist don't encourage this at home as we normally see the 3rd degree burns from home jobs. Not going to say anything more about that. To answer your question, you do need to wait for at least 7-14 days after Fraxel- depends on what type of Fraxel you are getting. Fraxel comes in 3 wavelengths from weakest 1927, 1550, to strongest CO2. Ask your Specialist for more advice as to what Fraxel laser you are having. All the best, and stay safe. Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. 

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