Do I need revision surgery & how much would it cost with areola reduction?

I had my breast augmention with lift (lollipop) done in November of 2013. My breasts were very saggy, different sizes and I had 1 inverted nipple from previous pregnancy(attached photos of before & after) Loved my results at first but after I had my second baby In May 2015 they seemed to drop a lot, and my areolas have seemed to stretch. I don't know if I'm just being picky or if I need revision surgery & what the costs of that may be? Hopefully I can get some doctors opinions! Thank you:)

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Do I need revision surgery & how much would it cost with areola reduction?

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Changes in your breasts after pregnancy are of course expected and from the limited photographic view yours does not seem to be too bad.  If you feel that your breasts are too large and droopy in a face-to-face exam one might discuss an uplift procedure to reduce skin and your areolar diameter and permit placement of somewhat smaller implants.  If this is not your goal that I personally think leaving your breasts the way they are should be a consideration.

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