Raised Scar Below Nipple After Breast Reduction - What is it and can it be corrected? (photo)

11 days post op BR. I had large BR - about 800 g left and 870 right (pre op 36 K). I'm healing well & am impressed with my surgeons skill. There's only one thing bothering me. On my R side, under the nipple, where the skin was pulled under, there is a 'bulge' and raised scar where the areola connects to my nipple. What is this? Will time and healing cause it to flatten? If not, can it be corrected? I have a consult with my PS on Jan 3 but until then hoping you can provide some insight. Thanks!

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Lumps and scars and revisions after surgery

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Bulges after surgery?  You are asking a question that probably occurs to all plastic surgery patients.  Plastic surgery involves reshaping tissues under the skin and tailoring of the skin over those tissues.  There is always some degree of lumps and bumps.  In addition to the sutures we place during surgery, your body will build collagen (scar) and experience swelling that effect the appearance of your result for weeks to several months if not longer.  Management of swelling and compression immediately after surgery can help smooth scars.  I advise my patients especially after body surgery to carefully watch their weight, as large weight gain can affect the quality of the scar.  Surgeons and patients like immediate results, but the healing phase is very significant and just takes time!!!  I agree, you look great and your "bulge" should smooth nicely.  It is always good to be patient!!  Anything you and your surgeon don't like about your scars after 6-18 months can usually be revised in the office with minimal expense and downtime.  Best wishes!

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Raised Scar Below Nipple After Breast Reduction - What is it and can it be corrected?

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 Congratulations on having undergone breast reduction procedure. This operation tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

The “bulge” you demonstrate on your photographs tends to settle down with time. These types of raised  or irregular incision lines  improve in appearance over the course of several months.  In the event, that this raised area becomes associated with redness/tenderness/discharge, best to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon in person. Sometimes, these issues are related to an  underlying suture  "abscess”.

 Best wishes.

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