Post mastectomy expander exchange with mastopexy of other breast. Expected recovery time? (Photo)

I am 56 years old and had unilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with expanders. I am now scheduled for expander exchange with silicone implants and at the same time mastopexy of the other breast. What is the expected recovery and return to work. I am on my feet all day with little lifting.

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Recovery time

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Thanks for your question. For this surgery the typical recovery time is 2 weeks with activity restrictions during that time period. My nurse always tells patients to "play it safe" and plan for 3 weeks off with a return at 2 weeks possible. Be sure to check with your surgeon with regard to their recommended time frame and any restrictions you may have when returning to work.  

Second stage reconstruction

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Congratulations on your progress! The second stage procedure is usually much easier to recover from w/ less pain. The mastopexy side will be sore, but manageable. I would suggest about 2 weeks off from work. You might be able to get back sooner, and your surgeon can help determine that. But, it's probably better to err on the side of a longer recovery so you don't push yourself back to early. Best wishes.

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