How often do you truly see under the muscle silicone implants rupture, in recent years?

I'm going for a breast augmentation in less than a month, under the muscle, silicone gummy bear, approx 350 cc's (and i'm a natural C 34). How often do specialized plastic surgeons truly see their patients returning fairly soon with issues with capsular leakage? And when it comes to detecting breast cancers, would ultrasounds be as effective in detecting any abnormalities (such as cancer or leakage) as compared to mammograms? Thanks

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Silicone implant issues after breast augmentation #plasticsurgery

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We tell our breast augmentation patients to pay close attention to the consistency and position of their breast implants. If there is a substantial change, we want to see that patient back and generally assess the integrity of the implant with ultrasound if there is any question about breast implant leak or rupture. To date, we have no patients with implant rupture or leak issues that we are aware of.

Early ruptures

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Early rupture are virtually unheard of at least in the first 3-5 years  -longer term the estimated risk is 1% per year cumulative so by 20 years you can estimate there is a 20% chance of one or both of your implants rupturing - any change in your result should be reported to your surgeon and in any case regular long term follow-up with your surgeon at least every 2 years is vital - a breast implant is a commitment for life

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