How long before the first results are noticeable?

I have had the 1st treatment 3 weeks ago , and I haven't noticed any improvement. I know that everybody is different but how long usually does it take to notice the first results? I am not sure whether to have the 2nd treatment.

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How long for results?

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I have had about 12% of my patients say they didn't feel benefits from the first treatment (power setting of #1) but all said by the second treatment things were better. It is definitely a three treatment protocol and is a waste of money to do one. Also, my anecdotal experience is that older patients take longer to "wake up." Do the other 2!

When does MonaLisa start to work?

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It is early yet! Some patients do notice some changes at 3 weeks after the first session and most patients are eager to get results. I always remind my patients that this is a 3 session therapy. The therapy is not complete until at least 6 weeks after the 3rd session. So you may need to patiently wait 4 1/2 months or longer from the date of first treatment for response to therapy. 

Results after first treatment

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Although many patients state that they have noticed improvements just after the first treatment, this may not be immediate and it isn't always the norm. The first treatment is just the "resurfacing" of the vagina, often removing the atrophic, waxy top layer of the vaginal mucosa with low settings. The next two treatments have settings that stimulate change deeper in the vaginal mucosa and it is after these treatments that you will receive the maximal benefits. You must go back and do the next two treatments to get maximal effect. You won't be disappointed! 

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Results after first MonaLisa Touch treatment

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Thank you for your question.You probably won’t notice much of a difference after the first treatment. This is set up as three, five minute treatments at six week intervals, so I would advise you to wait three more weeks and go back for your second treatment and so on until you have completed the series. This will give you optimal results. If six weeks after your last treatment you still see no results, then I would consult with your gynecologist for an examination as you may have a condition that the MonaLisa Touch cannot treat. I hope this helps!

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James Fernau, MD, FACS
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When will I notice the results from the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment.

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Some patients report that their symptoms improved with just one treatment while others noticed after the second treatment. Results vary from from one patient to another depending on severity, age and other conditions.

3 treatments for success

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The MonoLisa Touch is definitely a three treatment protocol. It's not uncommon for women to notice results after the first treatment.  Don't be dismayed if you aren't one of these women, a large number of women do see results after the second treatment.  Hang in there and be patient.  Better days are ahead.

When to Expect Results with MonaLisa Treatment

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The treatment protocol for the MonaLisa Touch requires three vaginal treatments, with full benefit typically seen three months after your final treatment. Few patients report significant improvement after their first treatment. I would recommend completing your remaining two treatments, and then reassess your results with your physician at that time.

How long for results?

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As with all laser resurfacing procedures, I would recommend you complete the full 3 treatments before you can say for sure that you have adequate or inadequate results. You need to give the vaginal epithelium time to regenerate new collagen before you will notice results, as such you likely won't notice this until the 2nd treatment and fully till the after the 3rd. 

Hope this helps.

Kurian Thott, MD
Fredericksburg OB/GYN

No results after 1st Mona Lisa treatment

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Hello Nanin,
Thank you for your post. It's impossible to answer your question without knowing your symptoms and not having examined you. Depending on your indication and severity of symptoms then it is generally advised to wait till your finished with the 3 treatments before determining results. I recommend you ask your doctor these questions since he/she would know how to better answer them.
Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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What were you expecting the Mona Lisa to do for you?

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MonaLisa, FemiLift and other nonsurgical laser vaginal resurfacing procedures stimulate the formation of new collagen. This improves menopausal vaginal dryness, and mild degrees of vaginal laxity and incontinence in some women more than others. Without knowing which of these symptoms you were trying to fix and what condition the vagina was in beforehand, it's not possible to give an accurate answer. It's been my experience of almost two years with these procedures that with a sufficient dose of laser energy, the improvement of vaginal dryness is very reliable.

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