Will I need a lift, or will getting 2 different implants do the trick?

I'm about 5'5, 135 pounds and I've had 3 babies. I think I'm 36cm around the chest. I'm now below my pre-prego weight. I'm wondering if I have to get a lift or if I had 2 different sized implants it would fix the really droopy side. I'm thinking under the muscle, silicone, moderate to moderate plus...

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Will I need a lift, or will getting 2 different implants do the trick? = very likely a lift will be needed #breastlift #breast

Patients with asymmetric and deflated breast  that would like an augmentation could achieve more symmetric breasts with different size implant breast augmentation ( larger implant in the smaller breast and a smaller implant in the larger breast). Hoover if the breast is droopy (ptotic), a lift may be needed. In order to determine if a breast lift is necessity at the same time of breast augmentation, a pencil or a pen can be placed in horizontal position at the lever of the breast fold. If  either there is any breast hanging bellow to the pencil or the nipple and areola are at the level or bellow the level of the pencil, a lift will be required. 

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Is a lift needed with asymmetric implants?

Only if you want improved symmetry.  If you are fine with nipple asymmetry, implants alone will make your breasts larger and fuller.  If you volume is near equal, you want to stay with same sized implants.  You should discuss your options with your chosen surgeon and if someone tells you that you MUST have a lift, find another surgeon willing to work with you.

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Breast implants won’t improve the position of your breasts.

Breast implants can improve the shape and fullness of your breasts but breast augmentation won’t correct sagging or change the position of your breast. And a breast lift alone can correct the sagging but it won’t add volume to your breasts. You should enjoy great results from a breast augmentation to add volume combined with a breast lift to address the droopiness and reposition your breasts. A board-certified plastic surgeon can walk you through the process of personalizing your breast augmentation and breast lift and picking the right breast implant to achieve your goals.

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Lift vs implants alone

Hello and thanks for your photos-

Congrats on your weight loss. If you're now finished having babies, it may be a good time to consider cosmetic breast surgery.

As you've identified, the left side is the more problematic side. Surgical recommendations will depend upon what your goals are. When there is a difference in nipple position, it usually isn't corrected with implants alone, even if 2 different sizes are used. It may be possible for you to have implants alone, but you'll need to accept that it wont make your droopy side look like the other side, particularly the nipple position.

If your goal is to be as symmetric as possible, while larger and fuller, you may need to consider the lift in addition, especially on your left.

I'd recommend that you consult in person with an experienced plastic surgeon who can review your goals and work with you to come up with some options.

Best wishes-

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Breast Augmentation - Need A Lift?

Thank you for your question and photos. It looks like a lift will be required in addition to placement of breast implants. I do not think you will achieve a satisfactory result with either augmentation or a lift alone. It is best to have an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic breast surgery. Ask to see a lot of before and after photos of their work. Hope this helps and good luck!

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