Third reduction/revision - Is it possible to come out of surgery with really nice perky boobs and get the size you want?

My names Danielle and I've had 2 Breast Reductions, one was a revision done by a separate surgeon. I'm still unhappy with my breasts and I'm looking for answers... I'm considering a third reduction and I want to know all the pros and cons as well as why cant I have standards on how I want to look? I'm really depressed.... My Breasts didn't turn out anything like I wanted or imagined... Even after my revision I was still asymmetrical... I'm not sure where to even start or how to go about this??

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Uneven breasts after reduction

Without pictures and an in person consultation to discuss your goals it is really impossible to give you any valid opinions. You should seek a consultation with as many plastic surgeons in your area as possible and listen to what they say. You may need to modify your goals. Good luck to you.

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