Would dental bonding help to close my gap? (photos)

I really want to close my gap, and was wondering if dental bonding would be a good option. If not, can you recommend other options that would be helpful for my case.

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Teeth Bonding

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Well Dear teeth bonding treatment is best option in your case. If you have other dental problems in addition to your gap such as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite then your can see an orthodontist for the treatment.

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its my request to upload pic in close bite [proper occlusion] .  by seeing yr pic, i feel u have edge to edge bite or grinding habit. in those conditions veneers are contra indicated. but yes u can go for composite bonding. ideal option in yr case is aligner treatment. front two teeth will look wider after bonding.


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Certainly bonding can be done. The issue is whether or not your teeth will appear to be too wide. I think the answer may be yes. Another option is to move them closer to each other by using Invisalign or some procedure like that. Another option is to first move your teeth enough so that when bonding is done, they won't appear too wide. 

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Dental bonding, gap

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You are definitely a canidate for dental boding.  Bonding would be the least invasive option to close the gap quickly and aesthetically.


Dr. Maddahi

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