Can the bulge be flattened? (Photos)

This is a follow up question. My revision surgery is booked for Oct 14th to fix the dog ears, belly button and scar/bulge. I'm confused as to the bulge being the skin flap being tucked under. Is this true? If so what prevents the same thing from reoccurring during the revision? I'm very unhappy with the tummy and belly button and don't want to have the same result especially since my original surgery was April 2015. Any answers would be appreciated.

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Tummy Tuck Revision

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Additional skin and soft tissue removal along the entire length of the tummy tuck scar will provide some additional tightening and hopefully result in a satisfactory flattening.  You may benefit from muscle tightening in that region as well.  Lipo may be of benefit from likely not given the appearance of your photos.  Your belly button may benefit from a purse-string suture around the periphery to help narrow the diameter.  Discuss all of this with your surgeon.  

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Revision TT

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If the muscles below are still causing the bulge, need more plication. If it is a thick flap, need more lipo or fat resection in that area. The dog ears are easy to fix. Be sure to discuss specifics of your desires for your BB also prior to revision. good luck

Noninvasive Fat Removal

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I think that it depends on what is causing the bulge.  I haven't heard of a "skin flap being tucked under" in a standard abdominoplasty operation.  If a persistent diastasis recti is causing the bulge, then repeat/revision abdominoplasty surgery is your best option.  However, if you do not have a diastasis, and the bulge is from subcutaneous fat, I would investigate a non-surgical fat removal/destruction device such as Ultrashape or Sculptsure.  You would be an excellent candidate for these technologies, and they would save you a second operation.  Good luck!


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Hello and thank you for your question. If there is muscle weakness of the lower abdomen then the bulge can be improved. If there is no muscle weakness then the bulge will persist. It would be important to speak to your surgeon about exploring your muscle if the bulge is your main concern.  Best Wishes Theodore T. Nyame MD  Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon

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Revison plan

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I can see where the revision could address the dog ears and belly button, but I don't think that a revision is going to address the bulges unless that is muscle weakness that is going to be reconstructed or fat that is going to be liposuctioned.

Can the bulge be flattened?

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It's a good question and it really depends on the cause of the bulge. A bulge in the lower abdomen could be from underlying fullness behind the six pack muscles, or excess fat below the skin. Fullness behind the six pack muscles can be addressed by tightening the abdominal wall with sutures (rectus diastasis repair). Excess fat below the skin can be treated with liposuction. Make sure to speak with your surgeon about their thoughts regarding the cause of the bulge, and how they plan to address it.

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