My body absorbs cosmetic injections. Is there anything out there short of a facelift that would help? Help (Photo)

I have had multiple injections, peels etc over the years. Nothing seems to help. Finally one doctor said that it is rare but some people absorb the injections. The last procedure I had was "profound " and it didn't do anything .I had heart surgery 6 years ago and the extreme swelling then dramic weight lose has left me with these horrible wrinkles. I have survived cancer twice and had two heart valves replaced, and I am very grateful to be alive but anything that can help with these wrinkles?

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My body absorbs cosmetic injections. Is there anything out there short of a facelift that would help?

Without knowing more details, its hard to offer specific comments. Consider a non HA filler like Radiesse to see if that works. See link below for examples. 

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Thank you for your question and photographs.  Have you tried different types of fillers other than HA's? That may be an option.  Or perhaps a different injector?  You may consider a deep laser treatment for improvement, or as you mentioned a facelift.  I would recommend visiting with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your history and options that can be considered.

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The Nonsurgical 3D Vectoring Facelift Works Well For Facial Rejuvenation

I have been injecting fillers for over three decades, since the early days with the introduction of the original Zyderm and Zyplast collagen fillers. In all that time I have rarely seen an individual who is really such a fast absorber. More often than not, inappropriately small amounts of the correct material have been injected, like only one or two syringes (when at least two to three times as many are actually needed) or when inappropriate dilutions of material are used or even when the wrong material for the job altogether has been injected (like using simple Restylane or Juvederm, which are really more appropriate for treating ordinary superficial lines and wrinkles) rather than employing more robust volumizers, like Radiesse Plus and Voluma XC  for treating such areas as the cheeks, chin or jawline. From the photos, it would appear that you might profit from the injection of a neuromodulator (such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin) for the deep scowl lines between the eyes, supplemented by a small amount of superficial filler, such as Belotero, for the remaining "etched-in" lines there, as well as for those located around the sides of the mouth. Juvederm Ultra Plus might be considered for a nonsurgical lip augmentation to improve thinning lips, and finally, The Nonsurgical 3D Vectoring Facelift, using Voluma XC or Radiesse Plus, would serve not only to provide cheek augmentation and projection, but secondary lift to much of the lower portion of the face. For more information on any of the above, you can check out the archives of Skip the medspas and the allure of the heavily advertised, cut-rate inexperienced, novice injectors out there, and instead make sure to seek consultation and treatment with a board certified, aesthetic physician. Also make certain to ask to see his/her before and after photos for each individual area that you wish treated before agreeing to proceed. Best of luck to you. 

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My body absorbs cosmetic injections. Is there anything out there short of a facelift that would help? Help

Thanks for your question and photographs Monica.  I think a conservative approach is best advised and if you've already had Radiesse, I'd consider a topical skincare line such as Alastin.  I have no personal interest other than the fact that I've been personally using it and after 1-2 months am seeing a softening of deep wrinkles on my own face.  It does stimulate elastin and collagen production and may be worth your consideration.  Other than the cost it should be relatively low risk for you.  Best wishes,

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You may benefit from a facelift to tighten the lower part of the face/jawline.  However that is not going to eliminate the lines around the mouth.  This is an area where often fillers don't last long.  You have want to try laser resurfacing and some fat injections to help with the skin texture.  But this is a tough area to improve  

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Ready for a facelift

the use of fillers and other injectables requires significant skill, artistic vision, and experience. You may need to change your injector in order to get the results you need. Just like finding someone who does your hair just right. 

Based on your photos, you need a facelift and brow lift. Your skin is loose and a little heavy. It needs to be lifted and redraped. However that means surgery. Due to your cardiac issues you  should have your surgery under local anesthesia and avoid all the risks of general anesthesia. Not all plastic surgeons use the "local" approach. So please ask around. If you wanted to avoid surgery altogether, then your next best alternative would be J-Plasma, a revolutionary method of skin tightening without a single incision. The catch is the post op redness is several weeks, but on the other hand, it gets your skin looking tight and smooth. Ask around for that as well. Good luck!

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Fillers aren't lasting, want help with wrinkles, multiple medical problems in past.

For people with medical conditions, sometimes they don't respond with collagen as a healthy person would. That means that all the fillers and procedures which depend on a collagen response will not have the same results as you would expect in a normal person. It's not unexpected that you didn't respond to Profound. It is dependent on your body producing collagen and elastin. It is a difficult case because superficial fine lines are tough to fix with fillers and when you do, they don't last long in anyone, even healthy patients. Collagen dependent procedures are lasers and RF. Fillers such as Sculptra, Bellafill, Radiesse all require a collagen response. The superficial wrinkles can be improved with Belotero, Silk but duration is 6 months. Surgery is possible if precautions are taken but healing will be slower and results less, due to the same reasons. Keep in mind that all collagen dependent procedures/fillers/surgery can be done, just results aren't the same as healthy patients. Hopefully, you are not a smoker because this even make collagen building even less.

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Burning through fillers

You may be relying on the wrong tools to help solve your problems. It is possible that your laxity is enough that volume alone is not the solution. If you are a good candidate medically more comprehensive rejuvenation with a facelift, volume replacement with fat transfer, and textural improvement with laser resurfacing may be more appropriate.

Best of luck,

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Face lift and laser resurfacing

There are two components to the source of the wrinkles in your cheek-chin junction and chin. The former are formed by the laxity of your cheek as it folds at the junction with the chin in what is called the marionette area. A face lift would be the best option for that. However, you also have wrinkles and creases etched in the skin in that area that would still be there after a face lift unless a laser, such as a CO2 or an Erbium laser, is used to correct them. 

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Aging face in a medically compromised patient

This patient needs a facelift and would benefit from laser resurfacing to tighten the deeper lines. Apparently she has had fillers numerous times in the past and is concerned that they do not last. In fact, nothing lasts including life itself. Nearly all fillers are metabolized by the body and absorbed. "Permanent fillers" are to be condemned because of the multiple problems they present. Although the patient has many medical conditions it does not rule out the possibility of a facelift. She should be cleared by her cardiologist and family physician prior to any procedure. Although there are additional risks associated with various medical conditions many times these are manageable and surgery is possible.  If not then fillers and laser tightening might be done.

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