I had sinus surgery 3 months ago and it's still not clear on the left side. What should I do?

I had endorscopic surgey on 4/29/2014. I am still stuffy on the left side and it always feel like I want to blow my nose but nothing comes out. I went to my doctor who perform the surgery and he said it looks clear, but still a lil swollen. Should I see another ent? if it is swollen I thought he would give me asteroid but he said no. I am getting concerned now!!!!! I think I might need a second opinion...

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Nasal congestion after sinus surgery

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You are still fairly early in the healing process and time may be all that is needed to make you feel less congested. If you feel uncomfortable with your doctor's opinion you are always able to get a second opinion which may agree with your doctor and give you some reassurance or give you an additional point of view that may be valuable. Check reviews on-line if you get a second opinion as you will want someone who will spend a little more time with you and answer all your questions. If possible, bring your CAT scan of your sinuses and a copy of your operative report.

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Three months after sinus surgery

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  • Many patients are not exactly sure what type of sinus surgery they had or why sinus surgery was recommended in the first place. That information would make answering this question easier.
  • There are many reasons for still feeling blocked including persistent allergies, residual polyps, scar tissue or a new awareness of difference between the two sides. 
  • I would just followup with the surgeon to see of there is an easy and fixable solution to the symptom.

Lisa Liberatore, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

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