How long will a Dental Crown on my Front Tooth last?

Hello there I had my front tooth crown in the summer of 2012 due to trauma caused by playing sport. At the time the chipped tooth was stuck back together and later had root canal treatment. The crown I have is porcelain on metal and a small piece of porcelain on the base of the gum (top of the tooth) has come off. I was told this is common due to the bond between tooth and gum being weak. My question is, how long do you expect this crown to last? Many thanks

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7-10 yr

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Average life of crown has been reported 7-10 years in studies provided patient takes care of it to avoid any gum and cavity problems.  Porcelain chipping can happen due to multiple factors including but not limited to high chewing or clenching forces, weak bond  etc.  I recommend you to consult your dentist for possible repair or remake if needed depending upon chipped area or recurrent decay. 

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