How important is aftercare when getting breast augmentation?

I'm trying to weigh the pro's and con's to getting a BA done abroad compared to the uk. I had a consultation at transform in edinburgh last week after researching several clinics in Belgium and deciding that having it done in Scotland would be better as I would get aftercare and wouldn't have to travel far straight after surgery. As I am diabetic I am very cautious but am very certain I want to go to the Beclinic with Dr Plovier. Any advice/similar experiences?

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Traveling abroad

Why would you want to leave your neighborhood where there has to be qualified and excellent plastic surgeons to have your procedure? Being diabetic does not help at all. It is always best to be close to home in case you are one of the few who do develop a problems after augmentations.

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Aftercare is very important after breast augmentation. The closer to home you have your surgery safer it will be

.Thank you for your important question.It is very important to be available for follow-up visits with your plastic surgeon for the first 6 weeks after breast augmentation surgery. In my opinion your always best to have your breast augmentation by a plastic surgeon in your own community if at all possible. Avoid traveling long distances by air for breast augmentation surgery. Your Dr. needs to be close and available for follow-up.

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After care is critical. You should find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area, especially if you are diabetic as you are at a higher risk of wound healing issues.


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