Anesthetic for ankle liposuction. (photos)

I am looking to have lower leg/ ankle lipo but I am worried about having the process with a local only. When I go to the dentist I am given a drip in the back of my hand. I am not knocked out but I am in a very co operative state and drift in and out of consciousness . What this is called in the UK so I can ask my PS and do you still get local anaesthetic . Also how does the local anaesthetic get into my body. There is no reason I cant have a general but feel this route may possibly be better.

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Calves/ankles liposuction under tum. local with a little iv sedation is wonderful.

It is so easy to undergo liposuction under tumescent local with a little iv sedation to make you totally comfortable but still awake and able to stand and move in all positions to help your doc achieve the best results.

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Anesthetic for ankle liposuction.


Thank you for your question and photos. Ankle Liposuction operation is performed under general anesthesia depending on the patients condition and safety.

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Ankle liposuction - can I have IV sedation

Thank you for asking about your ankle liposuction.
  • I understand your question -
  • let me explain anesthesia safety.
  • The most dangerous form of anesthesia is what your dentist gives you -
  • Such sedation requires you to keep breathing but lowers your ability to do so.
  • In the USA, to be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can only give such sedation in an Accredited Outpatient Surgery Center or hospital.
  • However, liposuction with local anesthesia can hurt.
  • So talk to your plastic surgeon about local anesthesia with sedation by mouth - not by an iv drip - or in the alternative, general anesthesia.
Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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