Muscle relaxing exercises before breast augmentation? (Photo)

I'll be getting breast augmentation surgery soon (in about a month). I'll be getting 425cc implants, sub muscular, I am currently a 32A. During the consult with my plastic surgeon he mentioned that my chest muscles were very tight and had "dense" breasts. I was wondering if there are exercises or massages to help with the tightness before I have surgery. Will it be beneficial?

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Muscle stretching prior to augmentation

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Sorry, but there is nothing that can be done preoperatively that will allow for stretching of the muscle or skin prior to augmentation.  However, afterwards, I encourage patients to move their arms and massage their implants to speed their recovery.  Of course, check with your surgeon first to see it they are in agreement.

Good luck,

Dr. Luong

Edina Plastic Surgeon

Stretching the chest tissue before augmentation?

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There is no evidence to support this will help your surgery. If you were having augmentation with fat grafting, then BRAVA pre-treatment is very helpful. But it will not help implant surgery recovery. 

Tight skin can cause a delay in the implant falling into the right place. On the bright side, tight skin tends to hold the implant in the right place better in the long term. 

Best of luck!

Muscle Relaxing Exercises

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No such exercises or massage will make any difference in your breast augmentation surgery. The relative  'tightness or looseness' of your pectoral muscles has no impact on the successful placement of breast implants.

Massaging or exercises prior to breast augmentation

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I do not think massaging or exercises prior to your surgery are necessary or will make any difference. Its not clear to me what point your surgeon was trying to make when he made those comments. Best of luck with your surgery.

Paul Wigoda, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Exercises before Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your question and congratulations on your decision to have surgery. There are no exercises I would recommend before surgery that would benefit the surgeon in performing the surgery. Your anatomy cannot be changed by anything you do one month out from surgery. What is more important is to understand what limitations you will have after surgery to ensure your best results. Good luck!  

Best wishes, 

Dr. Suzette Miranda 

Suzette Miranda, MD
Seattle Physician
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Muscle Exercises Before Breast Augmentation

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Many of my patients have similar questions before surgery.

In general, there are probably no exercises or massages that will loosen the breast one month before surgery. However, for those patients who exercise regularly, there is a tendency to try to go overboard on exercising before the surgery. They do this because they may not be able to do vigorous exercise for 6 weeks after surgery. I think it is OK to stick with a regular exercise routine before surgery, but I wouldn't recommend unusually strenuous sessions before surgery. Unusually strenuous exercise of the chest may cause congestion and swelling of the chest wall, which could make the surgical procedure more difficult and painful.

Good luck with your surgery. 

Luis M. Rios Jr., MD
Edinburg Plastic Surgeon
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