I had a liposuction and butt augmentation a week ago and immediately after surgery I notice my butt looked the same.

He said That once the fat was planted in the buttocks it will grow is that true? That white skin for some reason that is what happens.

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Butt Augmentation Results

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In my practice, there is usually a big difference between the pre-op buttock size and the immediate post-op size.  This is because that in addition to the fat placed, there is also swelling.  The final result is typically evident at the 2 month point, where the true graft “take” (how much fat survived) is present.  I have noticed little difference between the 2 month photos and the 6 month photos in patients who maintain a steady weight.

After surgery I notice my butt looked the same.

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You should definitely notice a change immediately following surgery. It sounds like you should clarify with your surgeon and that there may be a misunderstanding. Fat grafting entails taking excess fat from the areas of your body you consider problem areas and transferring it so that it has the best chance of survival.  This will help add shape and volume.  There is a period of recovery needed for the fat to settle and make its home in this new region of the body. It does take time for it to soften and also for the skin to relax under some of the stretch.Again, I would advise consulting again and/or considering obtaining a second opinion.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

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Unfortunately i don't think you were given correct information, or perhaps you misunderstood. Post buttocks augmentation you should see a significant difference in the size of your buttocks. I normally overfill by 30% since some of the fat will be reabsorbed. I would advise consulting again and possibly getting a second opinion. Best,


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Fat does not "Grow" unless you gain weight after the fat takes. More details and pictures would be helpful.

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