3 months post op BA. Right breast laterally displaced? Left breast bottoming out? (photos)

I had my BA 3 months ago and I am meeting up with my PS this week for another post op check. I am looking to get some opinions. It seems to me that the right breast is becoming laterally displaced and the left is bottoming out. Will I need a revision? I have a lot of side boob currently and I am not super happy with it. I understand that pre op, I had a large gap between my breasts. Went with 375 cc's silicone subpectoral mod profile. I also have some ugly tan lines so try to disregard those.

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Breast implants lateral displacement and bottoming out?

Thank you for the question and pictures. Some breast implant displacement is certainly visible in some of the posted photographs; in other photographs, the breast implants appear to be in good position.  

I think your plan is a good one: follow-up with your plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns, preferably in front of a full length mirror.  Although it may be too early to undergo revision surgery at this point,  adjustments of the breast implant capsules (capsulorraphy)  may be indicated to improve breast implant positioning and symmetry.  In my practice, I use a 2  layered suture technique to close off the space laterally (towards the axilla) and inferiorly. The use of acellular dermal matrix is an option (although not usually necessary)  especially if significant implant rippling/palpability is present.  Best wishes.

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The Concern of Lateral Displacement with Breast Implants

Additional elective cosmetic #surgery is a personal choice. A small inframammry or periareola scar should be adequate following the #healing period. But, the addition of #mesh may be helpful for additional internal #support.

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Displacement of breast implants?

It's difficult to tell from the photos you posted if you indeed have lateral displacement of your right side or any bottoming out of your implants.  From the front view, I think your results look good.  Lateral displacement is more noticeable when a patient is laying down so a photo from the feet looking toward the breasts may show this better than the ones you posted.  The lower contour of your breasts look pretty even and your perception of bottoming out on the right may be that you're seeing a little more skin between the areola and the crease under the breast on that side, which may just be that your augmentation is magnifying a subtle asymmetry in the natural position of your areola (in your pre-op photo, your shoulders are a little crooked, so it's hard to tell how symmetrical your areola were prior to surgery).If your right implant doesn't move more laterally when you lay down and your left implant stays where it is, I wouldn't recommend revision.  Revision surgery can be significantly more difficult than the original augmentation and has risks (worsening of the asymmetry, infection, capsular contracture, etc.) that aren't worth it to make subtle improvements.   

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