I have a recent scar on my forehead from a fall three weeks ago. Is it best to start applying silicone gel now, or wait longer?

The nurse who stitched the wound advised me starting silicone gel before six weeks could cause problems and the final scar to be worse, but the instructions with the gel say to start as soon as the wound is closed and stitches removed, which seems to be the more usual advice.

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Taking care of your scar

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How you treat facial lacerations has a lot to do with how it heals.  My protocol involves cleaning the wound three times a day and applying polysporin ointment.  I typically remove the sutures five days later, and continue the cleaning and use of ointment for 2-3 more days.  Then I begin use of a silicone gel twice a day.

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Forehead scar

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Dear Mark

Fortunately, the forehead tends to heal well. I'd consider waiting until the wound heals completely before applying silicone sheeting, but this is truly a question that deserves to be answered in person. Keeping the wound clean and removing stitches sooner than later, is the best thing you can do in the early healing period.
I hope this helps

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