Can I find help fixing my smile and teeth? Are Dentures or Crowns best? (photos)

I have horrible cracked n broken teeth I have had them for years. I am a recovering drug addict and that didn't help at all. Now I'm three years clean and want a better smile. I was also headbutted by dogs a work on three occasions( i work at a dog daycare) I hate smiling and talking to people cause it makes me so embarrassed. It's giving me bad self esteem but I refuse to allow it to make me go back to drugs and a bad life. I have a great job I love but want a smile to do with my new life!Help! Please help u have state insurance n some money saved!

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this will be the best way to go, you will remove the broken teeth,and with snap indentures, you will have that beautiful smile again, you will be able to change , shape, size and color, now an x ray its needed to see the bone condition .but certainly you have a solution, you can think about root canals, post , crowns, but unless you have good bone structure.....

Denture might be your only option if you have state insurance

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  Crowns will also be best for aesthetic and chewing.  However, they are more expensive and they need adequate tooth structure.  Based on your photo, denture might be more suited for you.  In addition, if you have state insurance, they usually do not cover crowns.  They most likely will cover extraction and denture.  I would suggest finding a dentist who accepts state insurance to address your issue.

Jean-Paul Banh, DDS
Federal Way Dentist

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