Is it normal for skin to not peel at all after treatment?

Sciton protraction laser done 5 days ago, experienced minor redness/ swelling for 2 days which I treated with Aquafor and ice. Redness and swelling is gone, skin is a little rough (not very) only around my chin line, and absolutely NO peeling. I was told the most aggressive setting was used. Is it normal for skin not to peel? I am noticing some pigmentation on cheeks coming out (brown spots). Thanks!

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Peeling after Profx

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Thank you for your question.

You are still early in the healing process, stay patient. The brown spots you are talking about will eventually start to lift up and that will all peel off. My best advice is to follow the post-op instructions from your provider and do not try to speed the process up in anyway.  Your skin will peel at some point, it may not peel everywhere which is alright too.  Good luck with recovery.

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