Edemas in Legs After Abdominal Liposuction?

Hi, I had lipo done to my abs 2 yrs ago. I wore the compression garment for months afterward, but the surgery was botched and I have awful results. I have painful self-diagnosed edemas on the insides of my entire legs. I recently began wearing Jobst compression stockings at the highest strength. My stomach is worse, w/ a line that is below my bellybutton and above it there is hard "stuff" (possibly more edema?"). I'm under 25 and athletic. What else should I do to get rid of this awful result?

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Edema After Liposuction

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This is more common than not because all of the swelling goes downhill and the lymphatics for the leg are in the groin. Any swelling from the abdomen goes into those lymphatics slowing the drainage of fluid from the legs itself; it's usually a temporary phenomenon lasting no more than 3 weeks and at that point things get better.

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Leg swelling from abdominal lipo 2 years ago does not happen. You should not only be seen by your primary care physician but also by another plastic surgeon (board certified)

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