Can Edema Under the Brows After Botox Be Fixed or Cured?

I received botox a month ago and have extreme swelling just beneath the brows. I wake up, and my eyes are slits in the morning. It feels bad, and it looks terrible. I wish I never had botox. The people at the med spa told me to just use visine, but it's not working. I finally realized the cause. I am not supposed to get injections on my left side because I have no lymph nodes there and am a huge lymphedema risk. If I get a bug bite on the left, it swells to five times the size.

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Eye swelling and botox

Thank you for your question. I think what you are describing is ptosis ( droopiness) of the upper lids. This may have resulted from injecting botox low in the forehead with downward migration of the botox to the upper lid muscle. This should resolve over time when the botox effect wears off. 

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The "swelling" is brow ptosis caused by forehead paralysis.

So sorry you are experiencing this unpleasant effect.  It will eventually wear off.  It is possible to superimpose a correct treatment improving the overall effect.  It is critical to have care with an experienced injector who knows what they are doing and you will not find that at a medispa unless a physician is performing the injection.  Look for someone board certified in the core specialities: Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Oculoplastic Surgery, and Dermatology.

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Can Edema Under the Brows After Botox Be Fixed or Cured?

It will eventually wear off. Be sure to always schedule Botox injections with an experienced injector. 

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Edema under brows

Your symptoms may subside as the Botox wears off, however you should probably see your injector to have this checked out. In addition, please listen to the advice of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon or other respected medical professional, rather than the "people at the med spa". Best of luck.

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Eyelid drooping after forehead Botox treatment

Please see my earlier response to this same question. I hope that you have experienced relief by now as the botox has disappeared since you posted this question.

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Edema under brows post botox?

Care must be taken when trying to quiet horizontal forehead lines. Swelling and brow heaviness are unfortunate complications that can occur when too much Botox is injected or when the injection sites are too low. It can be a challenging area to inject, so be sure your injector is both qualified and experienced.

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"Swelling" of the brows after Botox injection

What you maybe experiencing by reading your description is ptosis or sagging of your eyebrows probably do to over injecting the frontalis muscles (muscles that raise your brows) and treat the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead. That can happen and will improve over time. If you receive Botox in the future make sure some one experienced  treats you and mention what has happened in the past.

Best of luck!!!

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