Eczema Post-Fraxel Repair

I'm 7 weeks post-procedure and am happy with the results. However, I've developed mild hyperpigmentation (I'm type 2 skin) and a couple of eczema patches near my eyes. I've had this problem before (tested positive for Balsm of Peru allergy), and my old dermatologist gave me Protopic Ointment for it. My current dermatologist wants me to use Hydrocortisone (but i forgot to tell him I have Protopic to hand). Which between the two should I use for a short period?

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Hydrocortisone may work faster than Protopic

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For short-term use (up to a month), the hydrocortisone will probably clear the eczema faster than Protopic, which I tend to prescribe for chronic cases of eczema.

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