What can I expect the recovery process to be?

I want to have a butt implant and a butt lift, removal of excess skin, after weight loss. When will I be able to sit down. When will I be able to lift things, etc. I need to know how much help I will need and for how long, because I live alone. Just want to know what to expect, i.e. drainage tubes, etc.

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Buttock implant and BBL recovery

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Buttock implants must be treated with great caution over the first 2 weeks of surgery while the body is creating a capsule to surround the implant. Once the drains are out and the capsule has formed, they are less prone to extrusion and infection and it is time to start sitting on your buttocks.

Butt implant recovery:

1) no sitting for 2 weeks 

2) no exercise for 4 weeks

3) no limitations after 6 weeks

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