Ectropian Issue, What to Do? (photo)

I had epicanthoplasty 1 year ago & distance between eyes became too close, so I had epi reversal (restoration) done 3 months ago, but was overcorrected & eyes are now too small and distance betw eyes are 2 far. due to surgeries, have developed Ectropian and am concerned about health detriments and cosmetic issue. also have minor scarring that hasnt disappeared from last surgery 1) can i repeat epi surgery WITHOUT cutting more skin (no more skin/scarring issue) 2) How can ectropian be repaired?

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Over or under correction of epicanthal folds and resultant ectropion

Eyelid surgery requires skilled hands and epicanthal folds demand precise measurements before any surgery is contemplated.

In your case, one has to be careful in proceeding to the next step since you have two new issues now in addition to the recurrent epicanthal folds. I wished you had waited as with timing you wound have some of the over corrected epicanthoplasty relaxed. Since you have now ectropion, one needs to be careful and create incisions where existing scars can be eliminated and ectropion be corrected at the same time. Scar occurrence can be further reduced by using prolene sutures and removing within 5-6 days after the surgery and using weak steroid cream.

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