Can You Eat with the Retainer That is Given to Replace Missing Teeth During the Dental Implant Process?

The retainer is clear with the missing teeth included to fill in the gaps. Can you eat with it? If you drink red wine, will you see it in the retainer?

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Can You Eat with Temporary Retainer for Dental Implants?

GO YANKEES! Beat the Mets! Getting back to your question, if it's  a removable clear retainer you should NOT eat anything but very soft food with it in your mouth. As you said, any deeply staining drink or food will stain the  embedded tempoorary teeth as well as the clear plastic. Any "hard food " could damage the plastic.

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Eating with your dental implant temporary retainer.

It's easy to say you should not eat with your retainer but implant treatments can sometimes span the course of a year or more and not being able to eat in public is not very realistic.   Soft foods you can cut with a fork are really not a problem.  You should always rinse the retainer in water after you eat.  If the retainer does stain let your doctor know, the retainer can sometimes be cleaned or replaced.  


The most important thing to remember is that this phase is temporary and is very important as soon you will be receiving your fixed beautiful teeth.  

Dan Hagi, DDS
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Can I eat with a temporary retainer during an implant process

Based on what type of appliance you are wearing you need to stick to very soft foods if you want to eat with that appliance.  Nothing hard should be used or you risk breaking it

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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