How Easy is it to Remove This Bump on my Nose?

I would like to know that is it easy to remove this bump one my nose because the bump on my nose is not very big. Is it safe to remove the bump on nose? Thank You

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How hard is it to remove a "bump" on the nose.

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Sometimes, a small bump can be removed by just shaving it down.  However, more commonly, doing this will affect other aspects of the nose, and these will need to be addressed.  Speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon and he/she can clearly go over what type of surgery would work best to treat your specific problem.

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Bump on my Nose

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Can't see any bump on your nose from frontal picture! It is very easy to remove a hump on the nose but this may cause flattening on the nasal dorsum and require shaving of nasal bones called osteotomy to bring them together.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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