Is It Very Easy for Butt Implants to Shift?

I am thinking of getting butt implants placed within the gluteus muscle, and choosing round shaped implants. how likely would it be for these implants to shift? if they do shift, are incisions made in the same place to position them correctly or could I have another scar someplace else?

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Buttock Implants "shifting"?

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Allow me to share with you some information that you may not hear elsewhere.   There are only two proven safe and relatively effective methods for Buttock Augmentation: 1) Autologous Fat Transfer (using your own fat, transferring from one area of the body to the other) and 2) Buttock Implants (semi-solid silicone rubber implants that cannot rupture &/or leak).  Both are very good options so what it comes down to, like any surgery, is proper patient selection.  Indeed because at least 50+ % of the fat transferred will melt away within a year, most patients are not good candidates because they lack an adequate amount of fat to harvest.  Thus buttock implants become a very good, safe, and long term reliable option for most patients seeking buttock augmentation (at least in my practice).  I prefer to insert the implants through a single 2 ½ inch long incision over the tailbone (concealed within the crevice between the buttock cheeks).  The implant should always be placed under or within the gluteus maximus muscle.  In this position, the implant is less palpable, less visible, and does not sag or shift/migrate over time unlike implants placed on top of the muscle. Therefore it is extremely important to seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure.  Best of luck...RAS


Butt implants

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Dear Cape cod person, You stated few thing that I would hope will change for you after reading this comment. I use oval round implants because the butt anatomy is elongated and not round. The butt muscles start from the posterior iliac crest, consequently , a youthful and attractive butt is full on top, projecting in the center and has smooth shape laterally. The best location of the pocket for the implants is sub-fascial and not intra-muscular or sub-muscular. This plane allows for  larger implants , has less pain and less complications. To prevent the implants shift , my implants have suture tabs that allows me to attach the implans to the fascia and prevent shift and seromas. I also apply a binder for 1 month to help prevent these problems and protect the incision. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has lots of experience with implants surgery. Check the before and after to make sure that you like the result. Best of luck, Dr Widder

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