Is It Easy for a Butt Implant to Rupture?

if you fall down, have sex a certain way, etc, can a butt implant rupture easily? also, is it easy for things to go wrong with such an implant where you are sitting on it frequently unlike a breast implant?

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Can Buttock Implants Rupture

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Because buttock implants are made of a very soft and compressible semi-solid silicone rubber, they cannot "rupture" like breast implants.  As far as the implant is concerned, there are round and oval shaped implants.  Even though an oval implant may fit the shape of your buttock cheek better, there is an approximate 10 - 15 % chance it could rotate/spin sideways or upside down creating a overall change in appearance of your buttock.  This can happen spontaneously or more likely from direct trauma to the area.  Fortunately, if this happens the implant can usually be manually manipulated back into its correct orientation.  Hope this answered your questions...RAS   

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Rupture butt implants

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Hello, butt implants are not easily ruptured. They are a solid silicone material and can actually be custom carved or cut without any issue. Thanks

Rikesh T. Parikh, MD
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

Rupturing butt implants

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Butt implants don't rupture because they aren't like breast implants: they're totally solid rather than filled with something.

Is it easy for a Butt Implant to rupture

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Buttock implants are made differently form breast implants that are know to have the possibility of rupturing.  Breast implants should feel like breasts so they are made softer and more compressible.  However buttock or gluteal implants are made from thicker, but still "safe" solid silicone so that they are designed to be firmer (like buttocks!), and are able to withstand repetitive sitting and movement.  Most implants are placed within the gluteal muscle and although there are risks of complications, they are definitely different from breast implants that can rupture.  The most important decision to make with your surgeon (who should be Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and well versed in this procedure since it is not as common as breast augmentation!), is location, shape, and size of implant.  For example, choosing too large a size can result not in rupture of the implants, but in excessive tension on the incision and possible problems in healing. After choosing the correct size and successful recovery, there shouldn't be any significant or easy risk of classical so called 'rupture.'

Ghada Y. Afifi, MD, FACS
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