Help picking an out of town Botox physician?

I'm from Eastern Washington state, and will be going to the Seattle area (due to lack of specialists @home) for Botox. I'm 31 and would like to work on my horizontal forehead lines. The botox website lists everyone that sells their product (they list VM's inpt pharmacy, for example). I can get on Yelp, Wa St MD Credential Search, and here. I don't know if I should search for a facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or cosmetic dermatologist, no 'spas'. Any help welcomed, Google is so misleading!
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Choosing A Botox Injector

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The key is that you have a properly trained, highly skilled injector. One who is from one of the four cosmetic medicine groups, Plastic Surgeon,Dermatologist, Facial Plastic Surgeon or Ocular Plastic Surgeon that are Board Certified.These professionals are all very capable of injecting Botox and Fillers. I would ask if they have the Experience and Expertise, can show you Excellent results, and are able to obtain the results you desire in a high majority of cases.


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Who should you see for your Botox treatments

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Thank  you for sharing your question. Since you are having a difficult time finding a specialist using Google, you should ask primary care physicians in the area you are going who they refer patients to. They will know the best for Botox treatments in their local region. Then, Google search the names given to you by those primary care doctors.
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