Zeltiq not in the middle. (photos)

Dr. Recommended me to do 2 sides from my lower ab and 2 sides upper ab. But i am not that big. what i saw after it just almost in the middle. I just kinda give up for it (to do it same area while i still be in pain) and i have 1 circle left (in my package) to do so i am thinking to do another 1 circle on the upper one. What will happen if i do next on the upper ab without lower one but another side? If i need to do it again. How long i can take a break to do next? Thank you in advance.

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Zeltiq not in the middle

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Thank you for your question. The earliest to retreat an area is 30 days. I would recommend sticking to the treatment plan created by your provider. If you are concerned about it or want to make changes, you can always ask your provider for suggestions/explanations. Also, always ensure that you consult with a physician with expertise in CoolSculpting. Regards, 

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Treating the abdomen

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. You want to be careful when treating the abdomen and not changing from your original plan. In our practice, we will fully treat one of the areas before moving on so that you can experience and see the full result of that area. in your case, make sure that the technician is treating you where the bulge is and no where else. You do not want to over treat one area than another and have an irregularity somewhere. I hope that this helps you and best of luck!

CoolSculpting the abdomen

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The earliest you can retreat in the same area is one month. The optimal results is 1-3 months. You can choose to wait the whole 3 months and be re-evaluated to see what you want to do next. Each treatment reduces the fat by 20-25% so it's typical to have more than one treatment. If you want to break up the treatments, lower abdomen today and upper abdomen another day. As long as it's not the same area you may space it apart whenever you want. Follow up with your provider and see what the next steps are.

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
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Time Between CoolSculpting Sessions

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CoolSculpting can be a great way to reduce stubborn fat in different areas of the body without surgical downtime. Often the same area will need to be treated with 2 or more cycles to get the desired effect.

Generally speaking it is best to wait 4-6 weeks between cycles, though you can wait longer if your schedule demands it.

Regarding asymmetrical treatments, typically that is not recommended as you will tend to get an asymmetrical result. In some limited situations, where there is a recognized asymmetrical fat distribution pre-treatment, then a more customized/asymmetrical approach can be considered.

I suggest that you return to your Plastic Surgeon and review your concerns and findings, likely you can come to a mutually agreeable treatment plan.

Best of luck

Dr Nodwell

Trefor Nodwell, MD
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Zeltiq Coolsculpting for tummy

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In our offices, we would recommend that you wait 6 weeks in-between treatment cycles.  As far as doing 1 more applicator to one side and not to another, that's generally not recommended because you're reducing fat unevenly from side to side and you may be unhappy with the results.  

I would wait your 3-6 months post treatment to see your results and then have a follow-up consultation to review your before and after photos.  If at that time you still see an area of concern, discuss it with a very experienced technician to see what they recommend.

Best of luck.

Douglas Halliday, PhD, MD - Account Suspended
Syracuse Facial Plastic Surgeon

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