What is wrong with my eyes! (photo)

Why does it seem like my right eye sticks out more than the left...or is it That my left eye is sunk back??i had CT scan and the occuplastic surgeon said everything is fine..somebody please help!

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Proptosis, enophthalmos, or normal

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It is great that you have already been evaluated by an Oculoplastic surgeon and by CT report everthing is fine! That indicates that you have no sight-threatening process lurking in the orbits - very reassuring. Normal orbits are sometimes asymmetric with up to 2 mm difference in the position of the eye. If you have no other symptoms and your vision is fine, then regular followup with your primary care physician and/or your ophthalmologist/oculoplastic surgeon is the best course of action. Next time you go in for an exam, you may have some more questions - how much difference is too much? - can I do anything about it if it doesn't look right to me? - do I need to have my thyroid checked? etc... If you have changes or new symptoms before your next visit, you have the option to call and move your appointment up. Best wishes.

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Thank you for sharing your question. From your photograph it is difficult to see any asymmetry. Subtle differences are normal for everyone's eyes. If you have already seen an Oculoplastic Surgeon, you probably have nothing to be concerned about. I hope this helps. Good luck,

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