Why is the bottom nipple purple 1 week post op? (Photo)

I know I already asked this question but I wanted to show better pictures . I'm 1 wk post op 3 days after surgery I had post op appointment and dictor saw purple color at the bottom of my nipples and poked it and red blood came out so he said that was good and gave me nitro cream. I'm concerned cause it looks black now and has a leather feel to it im scared to death of losing my nipple please doctors tell me what's going on! Thanks so much for your time I appreciate time . Thanks in advance!

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What's going on with my nipple/areola?

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Hello Texasprincess80. Thanks for the additional photos. The area you're concerned about appears to have some loss of viability. On the other hand, the rest of the areola seems to be fairly normal in color. There's no way to confirm this without an examination. You will have to ask your PS what he expects for healing over the next few weeks. Areas that remain pink and healthy looking will not lead to tissue loss or necrosis. Best, Dr. ALDo.

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