Are vitals and blood work not taken into consideration?

Should I be concerned that the surgeon I am booked with has not taken vitals or blood from me? They do not even know my blood type. However, I did supply my previous blood work results from a physical done in 2015-this did not include my blood type and I've confirmed that my primary doctor has not been contacted for any information regarding me. I have already had my last pre-op appointment and am scheduled for a breast augmentation mastectomy in under two weeks. I just find it odd...

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Blood work-up

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Not all patients need blood work-ups before a surgical procedure. You need to ask  your surgeon what he prefers.

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Blood Tests

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Thank you for your question.   I'm a little confused as to your diagnosis as you say you are having a Mastectomy.   If you have a history of Breast Cancer, your work up would be very different than if you were having a Breast Augmentation.  That being said,  every doctor has a different protocol.  If you are young and healthy with no medical history your doctor may not require labs.  As long as a thorough History and Physical was completed I wouldn't worry too much.  Routinely, I get baseline labs on all my patients.  Depending on age and comorbidities, I will get ECG as well.   I recommend you express your concerns to your Plastic Surgeon.  Be sure you are seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Best of luck to you!

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