Silicone implants placed on April 25, 2016. How can I look up the serial numbers and see for myself if they are even the same?

Had surgery on the 25th and had to be rushed to er due to hemotoma. Got my right implant removed and blood drained and the doctor ruptured my implant while putting back in so I was sedated several hours while his nurse drove 2 1/2 hours to the hospital with a new implant. I feel they are different sizes now. Very noticeable. They don't even look like "sister" in fact they don't look related at all! How can I look up the serial numbers and see for myself if they are even the same?

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How can I look up my implant serial number?

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Thank you for your excellent question.  Physicians placing implants are supposed to give you a device tracking form listing the size, lot number and serial number of the implants placed.  Additionally most place this information within their dictated operative notes.  For warranty and identification purposes the implant company will also have your information once your physician sends back the relevant information.  Hope this helps.

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Implant issue

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You can ask your surgeon for information regarding your implants. They should have it on file in your records.

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Implant serial number

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It isn't unusual for a hematoma to complicate things and cause the breasts to look different for several weeks to months after surgery. Your doctor is the best resource for getting the information. Request a copy of the operative report. If it was done at a surgery center or hospital you can request the records directly from them. Finally, if you are having trouble getting it from them you can call the implant companies directly and get your serial numbers as long as they are silicone. If they are saline, the smaller, the amount of saline can always be adjusted under local anesthesia in a few months when all the swelling is gone. 

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Silicone implants placed on April 25, 2016. How can I look up the serial numbers and see for myself if they are even the same?

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You should have been given a card with implant information and serial number. If not call the office and ask for the identification cards. The office should have them.

Easy to do

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All breast implants come with stickers containing specific implant information including style, size, serial number, etc. This information should be provided to you regardless of what has happened. We provide an identification card with all of this to our patients at one of their early follow up visits. You are certainly entitled to it and could just ask your surgeon for the information you are seeking. Express your concerns to him or her. 
You could look different from things other than implant size difference such as prolonged swelling from the hematoma or early capsular contracture for instance. Regardless you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Good luck 

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Breast implant info

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Your surgeon should have the specific information about your implants. This information is generally given to you without asking.

Implant identification details

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Sorry to hear you experienced complications after surgery.  All implants come with an identification card which includes specific information about the style, shape size and serial number and warranty information of your implants.  I provide this to my patients in their post operative pack which they take home with them on discharge.  If you don't have these details, ask your plastic surgeon to provide them for you.

Breast Implant Serial Numbers

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It is standard procedure to give you a copy of the model and serial numbers of the implants placed. This is so the implants can be tracked in case of any problem, a requirement of the FDA. This information is also sent to the implant manufacturer. All facilities where they are placed also record the device numbers and it is usually on the operative report. I would, therefore, start with the surgeon. I hope this is helpful.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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