Can I get a refund for bad infection following augmentation? (photo)

Had mommy makeover at Vanity cosmetics and breast implants. Really bad infection of right breast with hemotoma,fluid, and cellulitis I had to stay in the hospital for three days and get both implants removed. How do I insist on a refund and compensation for hospital bill?

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You need a face to face with your surgeon.Surgery always entails risks. A refund is not generally reasonable but some help in fee reduction to fix the problem is usually appropriate

Start with the surgeon

This is not a straightforward question.  You will have to speak with the surgeon.  This is a risk of surgery and you may not be able to convince the surgeon that a refund is the best route.  It probably does not constitute malpractice so a lawsuit may be unsuccessful.  Start with the surgeon.

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Cosmetic Surgery Infection Risk

Hello,Thank you for your question and photos. Unfortunately, though rare, complications such as infection requiring implant removal are known risks when undergoing cosmetic surgery. Your Plastic Surgeon would have provided procedural consent forms for you to sign prior to surgery noting the risks involved with surgery. I recommend that you follow up carefully regarding post op care now as you heal.
All the best

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and photographs.I’m sorry to hear about your complications with your breast augmentation. Unfortunately, infection is a risk with any surgery and usually when you sign your consent for the procedure, it will list all the potential risks associated with that procedure. I would speak to the office manager or surgeon, whoever handles matters like this and see if you can come to a compromise whether it is a partial refund or a discounted revision. Best of luck.
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Sorry to hear you are going through this

Financial discussions are something best discussed with your surgeon.  Each office has its own financial policy and you should have been informed about the financial potentials before surgery.  Unfortunately stories like yours are a nightmare for the patient, fortunately they are very rare.  The surgery was paid for and the surgeon performed the procedure and sometimes complications do occur.  Infections and complications happen and are a risk of any surgery and usually are not a reason for a refund.  Speak to your surgeon's office as my best advise and discuss your thoughts and find out their policy.  Since you had to have implants removed hopefully they will reduce their charges to replace implants in your next procedure or try to help in this way.  Good luck, and get better soon!

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