What procedures do you need if you've had implants 15 years ago and you need an extensive lift? After weight gain and babies

will i need the lift performed and then new implants put in the original implants place? will i have to go up in the size of the implant to notice a real difference from the procedure? i initially had 425ccs implanted! the doctor recommended i go with 600ccs! if i have re augmentation performed would 600ccs most likely be suggested? i am l a 40d bra size and am not looking for bigger breasts! i just want them to look like they did after my first procedure 15 years ago! what would be suggested?

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Lift After Implants

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Patients with breast sagging after many years with implants often do very well with a lift and smaller implants.  Its usually possible to rearrange some of the breast tissue for a rounder fuller shape, then a  smaller can be used for fullness at the top if desired.

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Pexy with implant exchange

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Without photos, it's impossible to assess which procedures would be necessary as well as which surgical approach would be best. However, you would need larger implants if there has been a loss of volume. Best wishes.

Lift and implants

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To determine what kind of lift you need you would have to be seen in person. And yes, it is likely you will need at least a 50-100 cc minimum change in implants volume to see a noticeable change.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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