What should I do with my problem ?? Go to emergency room or find a doctor to fix it?? (photos)

Got breast lift and implan (250cc),ready 2 months ago and the would look like in pict and get contraction at night time with both side !!! Couldn't go back the doctor(because I did it in my country Việt Nam! Last time on my vacation day

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What should I do with my problem ?? Go to emergency room or find a doctor to fix it??

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I seriously doubt an ER physician will be willing or able to do much for you. You will need a plastic surgeon and you will need to call their office and see which surgeon is willing to help you with your problem.

Need more information but looks like a problem

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This is an excellent reason why people should not get surgery in a foreign country and then leave. We have no Idea what procedure was done or what implants used. The infection and or ischemia you have needs to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon and likely an infectious disease doctor. If you are seen in an ER the on call plastic surgeon will see you and in may take you to the operating room to remove implants and obtain cultures and wash out the pockets with a multi antibiotic solution and place a drain. Good Luck!

Breast lift

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Thanks for reaching out.  It looks like your nipple is in trouble.  How long ago did it start looking like this?  I would definitely find a plastic surgeon in the area who might be willing to take care of you.  If you are having fever or chills I would go to the emergency room.
I hope this helps :)

Schedule an appointment

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Hello and thank you for your question. I recommend that you schedule an appointment immediately with a plastic surgeon in your area.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
Harvard-trained plastic surgeon

2 months post lift/aug

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I would for sure follow up with a plastic surgeon in your area.I think it is fine but without an exam it is hard to tell.hopefully you have no fever.The pigmented part outside of your arela may be residual pigment from large areolas pre op.

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