Is this ptosis? (Photo)

Is this ptosis?i had a chalazion in november of 2015 on my left upper eyelid and then had a steroid injection for it the end of may this year and had the chalazion surgery on july 5 2016..what do i do now to help speed up the healing process it has been like 9 weeks since i need potsis surgery?HELP!!please

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You are only 9 weeks since your chalazion surgery.

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This means that you need to allow this eyelid many more months of healing before ptosis surgery is a resonable consideration.  The eyelid has the potential resolve spontaneously on its own.  More patients is advised here.  Please consider reposting in 2 months for more feedback.

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Mild temporary ptosis can result from recent procedures on the eyelid

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Your photo demonstrates mild left sided ptosis that may be related to your recent chalazion (stye) procedure. Swelling acts as a weight in the eyelid and can cause what's called "mechanical ptosis."  This usually subsides when the swelling dissipates. Sometimes it doesn't, however. 

The treatment for mild ptosis, if present on a permanent basis is a simple procedure that takes less than ten minutes without a visible incision- posterior ptosis surgery. 

As a side note, it is possible you had his mild ptosis all along, and perhaps it was less noticeable before. We are all born with mild facial asymmetries, and life can exacerbate the asymmetries slightly over time. Take a close look at some of your photos from a year ago- it's likely you had mild ptosis on that side to begin with.

Bottom line: wait another month at least, and then see an ASOPRS certified oculoplastic surgeon in your area to obtain further feedback and to discuss potential treatments. Good luck!

Tanuj Nakra, MD, FACS
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