Male 26 years old looking to get bigger calves. Calf implants. Costs? (photos)

I'm 26 and I've always been self councious about my skinny legs. I've worked them out at the gym but they just won't seem to develop. My dad's side of the family also have the same problem so I'm lead to believe that must be just genetics. I've researched and I incline to calf implants. I'm interested in knowing about good clinics and the price range. Thank you.
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Calf implant information

I agree with the other information that was provided here.  Price range does rely a great deal on the geographical area.  Along with this, if your augmentation requires 1 or 2 implants, price can also vary a great deal.  The "calf" area is primarily made of the gastrocnemius muscle, which has two muscle heads.  This can be confusing which is why it is best to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon specifically trained in calf augmentation when evaluating your individual needs.  Depending on geographic area, experience, number of can expect a ballpark cost of $6000-10,000.

Good luck!

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Cost for calf augmentation with implants

Thank you Alexander.

Body implant is one of my specialties for the last 12 years or so, and as you may know, only a few plastic surgeons perform those procedures in North America.  In Canada, a calf implant is made of solid yet soft silicone material (gummy-bear type i.e. not a gel hence no possibility of leakage).  The implants are inserted via a single incision within the crease behind the knees, therefore, easily camouflaged once healed.  The implant is placed under the fascia of the original calf (gastrocnemius) muscle, blunting all edges of the implant so it looks smooth and natural.  Careful measurements would be required so we can choose the right implant(s) for you. 
Most patients are very happy with one implant per calf.  Body builders, those requiring/aspiring to a very strong muscular look and those patients with previous asymmetries or slight deformities (such as club feet, poliomyelitis, etc.) often get 2 implants per leg (so total 4 implants).  Normally, the outer gastrocnemius is smaller than the inner one so I often order the largest implant for the inner side and the next one down in size for the outer one.

I've worked also with calf asymmetry due to previous surgery, polyomyelitis, club foot anomalies, etc.   Incision/scar is placed right into your own crease, behind the knee.  Scar is longer when adding 2 implants per leg.  Recovery is also longer when adding 2 implants per legs.  An adult should also accompany you to help in your recovery.
Cost varies between countries, surgeons, etc.  Best to email the plastic surgeon's practice for details on their fees.  Be sure to seek an experienced plastic surgeon.
Kind regards,Dr. Marc DuPere, Aesthetic and Body Contouring Plastic Surgeon

Marc DuPéré, MD
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Calf implants for more masculine calves?

Thank you for asking about your calf implants.

  • You are exactly right - if your calves do not enlarge much with exercise and thin calves run in your family, the best treatment is calf implants.
  • Not many plastic surgeons do these implants -
  • So go to the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and look for plastic surgeons near you.
  • Call their offices to ask if they do these implants and have a consultation with the ones who do.
  • You are likely to want four implants - one over each head of the gastrocnemius to get the masculine legs you have in mind.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Calf implants info

Other than favorable genetics combined with rigorous consistent exercise, there is no other way to augment or restore (in the cases of genetic or aquired disease/trauma) the calf muscles besides calf implants. Fat transfer will NOT work, period!  Surgical prices vary by region, surgeon reputation, and surgical experience.  However, very few plastic surgeons specialize in this operation so you may have to travel a long distance to one that does. The implants are made of soft semi-solid silicone rubber and placed surgically through a small (3/4 inch) incision in a natural crease behind the knee. When the implants are properly sized and placed under the muscle fascia, they should blend in and look natural. There are too many critical nerves and blood vessels under the muscle to risk this technique. All surgery comes with post-operative pain and recovery.  For calf implants, the first two weeks after surgery is the most difficult time because walking is painful. Recovery usually progresses at a smooth steady pace from there. Glad to help. 

Ryan Stanton, MD
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Calf Implants

Permanent augmentation of thin lower legs below the knees can be reliably done with calf implants. The question is whether both inner and outer calf muscles need to be augmented (4 implants for both legs) or whether just the inner calfs (2 implants for both legs) would suffice. Usually a 4 calf implant approach works best for someone seeking circumferential calf augmentation.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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